10 Recommended Resources for learning about Node.js

I have found that there are two types of web developers. Those who think Node.js is great, and those who have not realized it yet : - ). To members of the first group, I say: "C'mon back when you realize that Node.js is great".

Members of the first group probably realize how overwhelming it can be when learning about Node. There are many web pages that provide information on Node. The quality varies. Sometimes it might be difficult to know where to start. Below are ten web-based resources that can help get you started. This is far from a complete list. Consider it a "Getting Started" guide. If you already have hundreds of Node web sites bookmarked in your browser, great! If you do not, these are all worth a look.

1 - nodejs/node Wiki

URL: https://github.com/nodejs/node/wiki

Perhaps the most important Node.js link of all. You have links to download Node, documentation, security updates, news and API/Breaking Changes. If you had to chose one link to click in this article, this would be it (not to worry, you can click all links in this article.)

2 - Delightful Node.js packages and resources from Sindre Sorhus

URL: https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome-nodejs

This is perhaps the best list of Node.js links I’ve ever seen. Sindre Sorhus has put together a wealth of valuable Node.js links. It’s hard to imagine anything missing here. You’ve got links to Functional programming, HTTP and Debugging / Profiling. Sorhus also includes Command-line utilities, Build tools, Templating and Web frameworks. Great stuff here.

3 - Azat Mardan's Personal Website

URL: http://azat.co/

Azat is a Technology Fellow at Capital One (and also a contributor to this blog!). He has published 12 books about Node and is an active public speaker. I think you'll be hard-pressed to find someone more active in the Node community. His web site has links about his Node-related activities, and there is plenty to dig into. He also has a blog with plenty of Node articles: https://webapplog.com/?s=node

4 - Node University

URL: http://node.university/

Azat Mardan has created a new resource with a deep focus on Node.js. Node University pushes away the noise and provides a pure-node learning experience. What seems to set this resource apart from others is the focus on coaching and mentor-ship.

The "Early Access" and "Mastermind" membership packages are probably fine for most people. The two other membership packages are interesting. "Expert Mentorship" or "Elite Mentorship with Azat Mardan". The latter two are pricey, but for someone who needs to go all the way down the rabbit hole, there are options.

5 - NodeSchool

URL: https://nodeschool.io/

The nodeschool CLI workshop framework allows you to build workshops with Node.js. The workshops on their site are not limited to Node, but there is no shortage either. There is a strong focus on “Community” here. Nodeschool encourages community members to be active. You can create a chapter, run a successful event or build a local NodeSchool community.

6 - ECMAScript 6: New Features: Overview and Comparison

URL: http://es6-features.org/

While this link is specific to ECMAScript (not Node), it is important. The latest version of Node supports most ES6 features and that support grows steadily. If you are looking to learn about Node.js, keep ECMAScript on your radar as well.

7 - Planet Nodejs

URL: http://www.planetnodejs.com/

Brought to you by the folks at game platform company madglory. This web site is a a no-glitz resource for interesting articles and news about Node.js

8 - RisingStack Engineering

URL: https://blog.risingstack.com/?q=node

RisingStack Engineering provides Node.js Consulting and Development. Even if you are not a regular customer, you can take advantage of their Blog, which is good. There is plenty of JavaScript-specific content, but their dedication to all things Node.js is hard to miss. Their blog posts are well-written and full of helpful information.

9 - v8docs

URL: https://v8docs.nodesource.com/

Simple: Documentation for each stable release of node.js and io.js. This is probably not the kind of stuff that will make you popular at a dinner party. But, if you are super-serious about Node.js, this kind of insanely detailed information is helpful.

10 - ShopTalk — The NodeSource Blog

URL: https://www.nodesource.com/blog

The NodeSource blog provides information on features and version changes in Nodes.js. Think of it as a companion to their V8Docs site. This is low-level information. It can help you either work through a tricky problem, or make your ascent to Node-master status.


Once again, this is far from a complete list of Node.js resources. I'm sure there is a good chance that you have found plenty of your own. Hopefully this list as provided some new ideas about where to find solid Node content.


Kevin Chisholm


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