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Using Promises and Tape for Easy Testing

Wirtten on 05/10/2016, by Sandro Pasquali | Comments

The goal of writing tests for your software is maintainability over time. As you make changes to code you will want to know whether those changes have broken or otherwise altered any existing functionality. If many people are making changes to the same codebase testing becomes even more crucial. The downside is that writing tests is tedious and often difficult! On the one hand, testing tools are...

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NodeJS and Twitter's Stream API

Wirtten on 05/10/2016, by Max Baldwin | Comments

By far, Twitter has one of the most developer friendly APIs on the internet. Whether you are learning about APIs, creating an app for a startup, learning about OAuth or just hacking around, Twitter’s API will be very easy to use. On top of the standard REST APIs that would be expected out of any API, Twitter also has a stream API. Twitter’s stream API is commonly referred to as a “fire hose...

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An intro to testing in Node

Wirtten on 05/01/2016, by Zack Liston | Comments

Motivation This blog post serves as a practical introduction to testing your Node.js code. If you're wondering why you should spend your valuable development time writing tests, read this and this. In short, tests save you from avoidable bugs that take up many frustrating hours to find and fix. They also give you the confidence to refactor and improve your existing code without fear of breaking...

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Using ES2015 in Node With Babel

Wirtten on 05/01/2016, by Tyler Garlick | Comments

This is the first article of a series that will explore the features in ES2015. Maturation of JavaScript has been a slow process. It took years for ratification and adoption. Fortunately, we have a new process to try out JavaScript features before ratification. Babel allows us to use upcoming versions of JavaScript now. How Babel Works Babel takes ES2015 JavaScript and "transpiles" it to ES5....

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Node Debugging

Wirtten on 05/01/2016, by Aaron Shirk | Comments

Two Handy Tools for Simple Node Debugging The seasoned developer hones his or her craft over many years, and knows how to use the right tools at the right times. This article looks at two simple tools you can use to boost your debugging efficiency. Console.log First, when it comes to the Node.js language, it's important to acknowledge our tried-and-true friend, console.log. No doubt this is...

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Resources on How to Get Started with NODEJS

Wirtten on 04/29/2016, by Josette Rojas | Comments

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a road map for learning NodeJs. But before giving you the path, you must have a basic understanding of the following: JavaScript Object-Oriented JavaScript Command Line Git If you’d like to learn more about JavaScript, here’s a list of some JavaScript resources at the time of this writing: [https://codeacademy....

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Callbacks in Node.js

Wirtten on 04/08/2016, by Ryan Hess | Comments

If you're getting started in Node.js, the first thing you probably noticed (if you're coming from an OO language like Java, or even from PHP or Python) was that Node handles things... differently.  When I first dove into Node code, the thing that confused me the most was callback functions - the standard way that Node.js handles asynchronous code. Asynchronous By Default One of the most...

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Drupal Real-Time Dashboard with Node.js

Wirtten on 04/26/2014, by Steve Williams | Comments

Building real-time features into Drupal is now easier than ever with the integration of the Node.js module. The Node.js module provides an API for socket based polling and pushing of updates to open connected clients. Writing custom modules to create dashboards for real-time monitoring is one way to demonstrate this capability. With the ability to monitor real-time clients can respond quicker to...

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