The Node.js Connect Approach

Discovery, User Experience, and Wireframes

Putting the cart before the horse, age old adage. It isn't that you couldn't do it, trust us we have seen it happen, but it is never the best way to tackle your web application development. At Node.js Connect we like Discovery, User Experience Auditing, and Wireframing - it saves our clients time, money, and frustration through the development process and allows us to deliver a high-quality product consistently. Discovery is one of the most important parts of the development process, Node.js Connect assigns an expert Node.js developer to your company and that developer spends time getting to understand the requirements of your web application. After a Discovery workshop with your team, our Node.js experts will sit down with the entire team and hash out the development tasks and setup a project timeline for everyone to get an idea of cost and delivery schedule. Next is taking a look at User Experience (UX) - too many sites skip a true User Experience audit and flow creation phase. Node.js Connect employs User Experience experts to work with the requirements gathered during discovery to create a cohesive flow through your web application - ensuring that your users are able to convert and enjoy using your platform. Finally, after all the requirements and UX auditing has been completed, our graphic designers & UX experts will build wireframes of your site as the development storyboard for the entire project. Ideally, Node.js Connect and your team will layout the entire site before a single line of code is written so that there are no delays once development begins!

Graphic Design

Skeletons... that is what wireframes look like until our graphic designers get their hands on them. Once we pass wireframes off to our graphic designers for comps, they take your branding and fill in all the whitespace. Eventually you will have your entire site mocked up with all of the different elements that are going to be added during the development process. Node.js Connect's graphic designers will go through rounds of revisions with you and your team to take your vision and translate it into a beautiful, full featured site. Once your company signs off on the designs, we go straight into the development phase.


All the heavy lifting starts here. With the documentation from the Discovery, UX, and Wireframes; and the comps from the Graphic Designers - Node.js Connect assigns a team of Node.js developers to your project. We start with a kickoff meeting, bringing everyone to the table, and then we put our heads down and start creating your web application from the ground up. Our Node.js Developers are experts with git so every code change will be tracked as we move through the development process. Our project managers work with the Node.js developers on updating our project management suite, Teamwork, so that we can keep you up-to-date with development progress.

Quality Assurance

QA? QA! The last stretch to your web application hitting that coveted '1.0'. Node.js Connect looks at information collected during the User Experience Audit and the requirements gathered during Discovery to all the aspects of the web application. Performance? Check. Security? Check. UX? Check. Checkout, Email Collection, Contact Forms, Maps, CSS? Check. This is the part of the process where your team is able to also be involved - your company will know your users best. With both Node.js Connect and your team spending time testing the application, we work out all the bugs and other issues with the app, make changes to the code, and prepare for deployment.

Deployment and DevOps

Deployment is the last part of the process in launching your Node.js Web Application. Node.js Connect employs the best Node.js deployment staff and DevOps staff we can find in order to make sure that your site launches smoothly. To read more about our deployment practices CLICK HERE.