Node.js Design

User Experience Design

At Node.js Connect, we know that a great design starts with a great User Experience (UX). With expertise in web usability standards, our Node.js design experts can ensure that your site is organized, logical, and user-friendly. Wepair detailed information architecture with innovative and creative design to produce a unified, effective web presence encouraging positive and rewarding user interactions that are built around key business drivers.

Audience Journeys

An Audience Journey is the mapping of the paths users may take throughout your site. What actions will they take? What choices will they make? Our Node.js UX experts will ask the necessary questions to document your Audience Journeys. Understanding your users’ pathways will lead to informative, user-driven decisions in both the design and development process of your Node.js site.

Intuitive Navigation

Your navigation is the roadmap to your site’s content. You want to guide your users on the most direct route possible with clearly defined and laid out paths. Having user-friendly navigation will effortlessly guide your users where they want to go so that they’re focused on the end result and conversion instead of being stuck on the “side of the road” thinking about how to get there.

Intelligent Information Architecture

Information Architecture is an integral part of any project, as it provides a structural model of information and serves as a "blueprint" for user-friendly navigation and content categorization. The steps of the information architecture phase include gathering detailed functional requirements, developing key user personas, identifying and defining complex functionality and user interaction, specifying content models for both web and mobile interfaces, determining upper-level site navigation, and creating detailed processes and task flows. Building on the IA Discovery findings, our Node.js experts create a user-driven, consistent visual blueprint for the digital architecture powering your online presence.


You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, and you shouldn’t build your site without wireframes. By using the information gathered during your IA Discovery phase to strategically place the elements of your site, you can see how they all work together and better understand and perfect the user experience before spending time and money on design and development. The wireframes will then be the UX guideline through the rest of the website creation process.

Search Design

Site search can be one of the most helpful (or frustrating!) aspects of a large site. A robust site search system should be configured to provide results ranked by relevance and provide an option to help users refine their searches, as well as providing options for similarity search (“more like this”), and helpful suggestions for typos and synonyms. A properly designed search functionality is a key component in delivering quality content to your audience and generating conversions. Our Node.js experts can design and develop a search function that fits your needs and quickly delivers what your users are looking for.

Workflow & Conversion Optimization

The goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is to increase website leads and sales by reducing your visitor "bounce rate". In short, it’s about keeping users engaged on your site longer. Conversion Rate Optimization means figuring out what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and providing them with value. Our UX designers can interpret your business goals to functional designs that generate results.

Adaptive and Responsive Architecture and Design

Reaching the mobile market has never been more challenging or more promising, especially since Google has begun to rank mobile-friendly sites higher in search results. The expectations users have of their mobile experience have never been higher. Driven by both powerful phones and tablets, the ecosystem of devices and services continues to grow and expand. You want to deliver full functionality to your audience no matter how they access your website. Node.js Connect’s UX experts can determine the best method for reaching your mobile audience, be it Adaptive or Responsive design, and can provide the Node.js design and development expertise to ensure a seamless experience for users across devices.

Custom Theme Design

Your business and brand are unique.your web presence deserves to be as well. Node.js Connect can create a beautiful, intuitive, responsive theme that fits your business needs and goals, and makes updating and managing your content a breeze.


Your site might require advanced interactions or animations to tell your business’ story. HTML5 animation is the new standard for web animations, and works on all devices. No matter how your users view your site, rest assure they’ll experience your animations without a hitch.