Node.js Development

Full Stack Development

A well rounded development team develops a Node.js web application with complete application stack in mind. Wether your company is looking for a basic HTTP server with a presentation layer, or complete integration with an existing Content Management System, Node.js Connect has the team to make it happen. Leveraging Node Package Manager, we are able to better manage dependences and ensure smooth deployments that return the greatest value for your investment.

Content and functionality migration

Migrating a site into Node.js requires a complete website audit and discovery. Once Node.js Connect understands the requirements for the new Node.js site and has access to existing site data, we can build a migration process that either uses the database and presents the data through the stack or we can leverage Node.js on top of your existing web application to display your data in the most effective way.

Integrated Site Search - Apache Solr, search optimization

Out of the box, Node.js does not have search capabilities. There are some basic search plugins available in NPM and if you are looking for basic search you can stop there. While this may serve some sites, Node.js Connect understands your site may have more complex requirements - content filtering (faceting), being able to search through uploaded document attachments to name a couple. To that end our expert Node.js developers utilize Apache Solr, integrating it with your Node.js website, providing our developers tools to bring dynamic, powerful search capabilities to Node.js.

Theming - Custom themes, mobile, adaptive, responsive: One website, many devices

Your business and brand are unique. Your web presence deserves to be as well. Node.js Connect will build a beautiful, intuitive, responsive theme that fits your business needs and goals, and makes updating and managing your content a breeze.

Performance & Scalability

Performance is based on how fast the site loads, and scalability is determined by the number of concurrent user views / authenticated users that your site can handle at any given time. Node.js can take advantage of asyncronous loading and run functions in parallel to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible without getting bottlenecked by processes waiting for other items in the execution chain to complete. If that isn't enough (and it most likely isn't) caching static data and fetching information only when it has updated significantly decreases page laod time. What about JS and CSS? We can cache that too and move it off server to a CDN like CloudFront or Akamai to reduce server stress and allow for more asynchronous connections from the user's browser.

Social media integration

It is the Social Media Revolution and we all have a say on the web. This means your brand and your site visitors are interacting both on and off your site through numerous social media outlets. Node.js Connect understands that the conversation doesn’t end once the user reads your page or interacts with your site. In order to drive meaningful user engagement you want Node.js social media integration. Whether it is adding the ability to share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Dzone, DesignFloat, or other social sites; Node.js Connect’s Node.js Development team allows your content the ability to spread across the internet as easy as 1..2..”click”.