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Scott Williams


Scott Williams is a senior software architect and full-stack developer who enjoys working with both back-end and front-end technologies. In addition to coding web and mobile applications, he also works as a UI/UX designer. For the last 3 years, Scott has spent most of his time building web applications and mobile applications with back ends written and node.js or Python/Flask. However he also has extensive experience with other languages such as: PHP, Java, C#, and Salesforce/Apex. He has over two decades of data modeling, database programming, and large-system development experience. Scott has worked in senior engineering and leadership roles within a number of well known companies, including: Netflix, Adobe, Intuit, HP, Microsoft, Bank of America, Hitachi, and Lockheed Martin/DARPA, as well as within mid-sized companies and a number startups. He has built software for many industries, including: Consumer & Games, Entertainment, Banking, Energy, Health Care, Aerospace, Technical Services, and Human Resources.