A Helping Hand

Wether your company is looking for full stack node.js development or just someone to ensure your deployment runs smoothly, Node.js Connect has the resources to make it happen. Not only do we have the best developers on staff, but we also have some of the best Dev Ops and Deployment experts ready to deploy your site to its production ready environment. Years of experience have taught us that there isn't an "only" way to deploy, but there is always a "right" way - and Node.js Connect provides the peace of mind that only experts can deliver.

The Trinity: Development, Staging, & Production

Remember when we talked about the "right" way to deploy? We need to get identical environments setup first before we can effectively develop and subsequently deploy your code to your live (production) site. Once we configure the development environment, Node.js Connect uses a modified version of git-flow to manage the development process. Once a branch has passed local testing, we tag it for upload to the development server where we go through preliminary testing in a server environment. After we feel confident we have completed a feature, we tag the branch as a Release Candidate and push to the staging server. On the staging server Node.js Connect goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance process to determine if the Release Candidate is stable for release. For QA sign-off, our expert Performance Engineers and Security Engineers conduct Load Testing and Penetration Testing ensuring the new code does not compromise any other aspects of the site or server. Finally, with QA sign-off, we merge the code with the "master" branch as an approved build and release it into the production environment as the new "live" codebase!